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30% of C-level executives, general managers, financial service professionals,

bankers and consultants will be mobile workers by 2015. 

theAppStudio360 offers you a complete mobile app development solution.  We offer everything from consultation and strategic planning
to iOS & Android app development, deployment, management and reporting. A division of Ariel Communications Ltd, theAppStudio360
possess extensive knowledge and experience of enterprise mobility within the highly regulated finance sector. 


  • Designed to improve productivity and drive your business forward, enterprise mobile apps offer secure access to information, tools and back
  • Mobile games are increasingly used by businesses to engage users, change behaviours, reinforce learning, inspire loyalty, encourage collaboration and reward achievement.
  • Native mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry can make a big impact on your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Easily accessible from multiple mobile devices and good old fashioned PCs, HTML5 web apps require nothing more than a browser.
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